Soothe your Great Gatsby fever the natural way

Having the Great Gatsby fever can be heartbreaking. It’s no wonder so many people grab over-the-counter (read: “reproduction”) Art Deco-ish jewelry to soothe their urge! Unfortunately, there isn’t much, if any, original Art Deco jewelry available in modern jewelry stores. Luckily for you now there is Adin!

There is no doubt that the original Art Deco jewelry from The Garden of Adin is key to combat the terrible Great Gatsby fever. Pampered by the Gardener in the fertile soil of The Garden of Adin, our original Art Deco jewelry achieved its full Gatsby fever-fighting potential.

Therefore it is with great delight that we offer our all 100% original Art Deco jewelry for you to try!

art deco jewelry

An “expert” opinion on sapphires

Victorian ring sapphire diamond


Recently we found an antique book on gemstones written by what we consider to be an “expert”. We just would like to share with you some of his revealing insights. On sapphires he writes:
“When a man is imposing his love on a woman, and he is obnoxious to her, thus she should pour wine over a sapphire three times and give him this to drink, with or without his will while pronouncing the following Latin adage: “Ego vinum hoc ardentibus viribus super te fundo, sicut Deus splendarem tuum, praevaricante angelo, astra xit ut ita amorem libidinis ardentis viri huius de mesabstrahas.”
This translates freely to: ”This wine with burning powers I thee pour, as God extinguishes the sparkling halo of the fallen angel. Likewise, it will extinguish the burning lust of this man for me”.
Perhaps important to mention is that we do NOT endorse this information. We rather suggest that any man who is in love with a woman, would offer the woman of his dreams an antique sapphire ring and then have a few glasses of wine together.
Some more revealing insights on other gemstones from our new found “expert” will follow soon.