Da Vinci Code movie

We got contacted by a production company with the request if we could supply the makers of the movie “The Da Vinci Code” with some of our antique jewelry. Two of the pieces they wanted were the above pictured rings. With pride that they asked us, we accepted their request and the result is to be seen in the movie. The impressive original Victorian bishop’s ring was worn by Alfred Molino playing the role of Bishop Aringarosa. Unfortunately the production company couldn’t tell us the name of the character that wore the signetring.This impressive original Victorian bishops ring is the very one that was used in the movie “The Da Vinci code” based on the bestseller by Dan Brown. It was worn by Alfred Molino playing the role of Bishop Aringarosa.

Da Vinci Code movie rings

Da Vinci Code movie rings

A bishops ring is not an every day object in our inventory. In the over 20 years of experience in the antique jewelry trade we can recall to have purchased one only once before.The ring is set with a huge citrine and is elaborately crafted with various symbols such as a bishops miter, crossed staffs and no less thenten crosses. Also recognisable are the trefoils outside at the bottom of the shenk, symbolizing Christian trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit).

According to “The Church Visible”, by James-Charles Noonan, Jr. (Viking), the bishop’s ring is a sign of authority. In the earlier Code of Canon Law clerics who were not bishops were forbidden to wear rings. As a symbol of episcopal authority the ring first appeared in the third century. By 637 A.D. St. Isidore of Seville would write, “To the bishop at his consecration is given a staff; a ring likewise is given him to signify pontifical honor or as a seal for secrets”. According to Noonan, the bishop’s ring would later also take on the symbolic meaning that he was wedded to the Church. The cardinal’s ring is given by the Holy Father at a Mass following his being named a cardinal.

We offered these two rings for sale on eBay and we donated 10% of the proceeds of both sales to the UNICEF campagne “Aids orphans in Namibia, Congo and Laos”.

We would like to use our “DA VINCI rings” to draw attention to UNICEF.
Link : http://www.unicef.org/


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