Buying Jewellery Online from Abroad

“Buying Jewellery Online from Abroad”
What if she doesn’t like it? What if I want my money back? What if the shipment is lost? What about Duty?

We know many people have concerns about buying something as important as expensive jewelry online from Europe. You’ve taken the time to educate yourself about buying online, now take the time to educate yourself about buying online from abroad– because you’ll generally find better prices, better selections and access to unique jewelry thousands of miles away from you.

European countries offer unique shopping advantages, whether you’re a first-time purchaser or an e-shopping veteran :

  • Trust & Confidence
    Can you trust the vendor? Would you buy from this shop or person back home? It is not always safe to assume that a very impressive shop will be trustworthy, or that a backstreet one-man business will be cheap. Do you know anyone else with experience buying from the same source?
  • Speed & Convenience
    Make your selection. Enter your information. Then click a button. It’s as easy as that. And all from your own computer. Compare our shopping experience with shopping at a mall jewelry store or department store at home: you rush to get there, fight traffic, vie for parking, get jostled by crowds, endure pushy salespeople, suffer long lines at the register…By the time you get home with your purchase, you’re drained. And if you need to return the item, you can look forward to going through this hassle all over again.

“Why Are You Buying this piece of jewelry from Abroad?”

This might seem obvious, but before we can advise anyone whether or not they should buy abroad, they should ask themselves why they are buying it. The most obvious motives are:

« It’s just what you always wanted »

This is the best possible reason for buying jewellery from a different country. It is also the best reason for buying any piece of jewellery anywhere at any time. As far as the price is concerned you should ask yourself whether you will get an amount pleasure from owning and wearing it at least equal to its cost. If it passes this test, then buy it. It is worth while asking about guarantees or repairs, but this also applies at home.

« Because it’s different and safe »

This is quite a good reason to buy. There may also be a practical reason why you don’t see the same designs at home. This means you can uncover some truly unique jewelry items you won’t find anywhere else.

« Because it’s romantic »

It seems romantic to buy a diamond in Paris or a sapphire in Antwerp. If you will get everlasting pleasure from your purchase, then go ahead.

« Because not everyone else does it. »

This is probably a perfectly valid reason if you happen to be a lemming, however if you are an independent thinking human being, its rather a good reason.

Whatever your prime motivation for buying jewellery abroad, there are certain points you should consider.

Guarantees & Duty
What will happen if you have a problem with the jewellery which would normally be covered under warranty? Can you return it, and if so how much will it cost to post and insure?


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