Original early Georg Jensen Jewelry

Pendant signed Georg Jensen

Pendant signed Georg Jensen

design Nº 54

Since Georg Jensen (1866-1935) founded his silversmith workshop in 1904, jewellery from the workshop has adhered to his motto: “Do not follow fashion, but be guided by the present if you want to stay young in the struggle”. Ever since then, Georg Jensen’s jewellery has reflected the period in which it was created. Just as the last century was distinguished by different periods, Georg Jensen’s jewellery represents the different styles that appeared over the years.

Brooch silver Georg Jensen

Brooch silver Georg Jensen

design no.100B


3 thoughts on “Original early Georg Jensen Jewelry

  1. The blue stone Georg Jensen used is a labradorite.

    A variety of plagioclase feldspar which has a flashing display of varied colours suggestive of the Northern Lights. Although it has a dirty-grey colour before being cut, the cut stones, when placed in a certain position (but no other) before the viewer, change tremendously, acquiring a metallic lustre and a beautiful sheen, due to the lamellar composition and the property of adularescence, which in this stone is called ‘labradorescence’.

    The usual colour is blue, but a variety (called ‘spectrolite’) found in Karelia, Finland, shows the colour of the spectrum. The stones are usually cut with a flat surface, and have been carved as cameos. The original source, c. 1770, was the island of St. Paul, Labrador.

  2. Georg Jensen was one of the greatest Danish jewellers and silversmiths of the periode around 1900. His art nouveau jewellery is known and loved throughout the country and the company still produces his designs – along with a lot more modern, yet equally high quality items. Every year, Georg Jensen releses a year-piece, in the original style of the founder. So far 23 for 23 years. Here is th eone from 2010: http://www.skovlarsen.com/BRANDS/GEORG_JENSEN/Georg_Jensen.aspx?ProductID=PROD1040
    -clearly inspired by the original in this article.
    Read more about georg Jensen here: http://www.georgjensen.com/global/Shop.aspx

    By the way: Danish design is usally connected to minimalistic, high quality stuff – with good reason. However, another version of the danish design is closer related to Georg Jensen: the fairytalish, soft and romantic designs. Milas http://www.milas.dk , Ossip Frolov http://www.frolov.dk and Vibe http://www.vibes.sk plus my own design http://www.phantasteria.etsy.com of cause, are members of this tribe. Take a look around and dreams yourself to a happier, glittering place…

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