Antique Absolute top notch gold filigree earrings, unseen high quality

Absolute top notch gold Dutch filigree earrings, unseen high quality
(Click the picture to get to these Dutch beauties)

Without a doubt this must be the nicest pair of filigree earrings we ever had. Hard to tell exactly when they were made but we think somewhere between 1861 and 1886. We do think so because we found some hallmarks that most probably are from the master goldsmith A.Friederichs, who worked between 1861 and 1886 in Oudenbosch, the Netherlands. Clearly visible we see several motives like the Cornucopia (horn of plenty), bird’s feathers and per earring five dangling motives that with some imagination could be hanging birds.

The combination of the quality of the craftmanship, the extraordinary length, the splendour of design, and their prestine condition make these earrings so special. Look and enjoy!


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