Micro mosaic gold pin by Castellani

Micro Mosaic brooch by Castellani
Master Jewellers of the 19th Century
Castellani – Castellani’s first shop was opened in Rome in the year 1814. Specializing in recreating jewelry of ancient craftsmen, particularly the Etruscans, his work became fashionable and much wanted in 19th Century Europe and America. The Castellani shop had the aristocracy and the so-called grand tourists as customers.
Many of the designs of Castellani’s jewelry is based on archaeological evidence and often incorporated cameos, intaglios and micromosaics (like the one pictured) into his jewelry. The Castellani dynasty spanned three generations and nowadays Castellani is one of the big names in antique jewelry that is most sought for and very rare to find.

Although not obvious on first sight, these are not Latin but Greek letters. The letters EY stand for “good health” but one could also say it’s the abbreviation for “Eternally Yours”.



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