Garden of Adin’s pollen count forecast

Estate gold pendant from the fifties signed Miault made in France
(this is a non-edited true picture)
Pollen count begins to rise and the eyes will have it.

The quantity of pollen grains in the air of the Garden of Adin will be on the increase in the higher range. The cause for the rising pollen levels is unclear but an increase of this magnitude could make it more difficult for those with allergies to extreme nice estate jewelry.

Blooming beauties in the Garden of Adin

Platinum Pendant in Edwardian Style with Genuine European Diamonds

Platinum Pendant in Edwardian Style with Genuine European Diamonds

Once upon a time,
in the Garden of Adin,
there was a flower so sublime,
shining with diamonds,
truly the Garderner’s prime.

Proudly he acclaimed:
“This beauty can’t stay unnamed!”
So he called it “Adin’s beauty”, unashamed.

First Plover’s Egg found! (in the Garden of Adin)

Extravagant estate engagement ring with one 6 crt bulky stone

Huge Fancy Diamond Estate Engagement Ring Platinum

The sign of springtime!

ANTWERP, March 28 (Reuters) – In Friesland, the Northern part of Holland, it is an old tradition to offer the first found plover’s egg in the springtime to the Queen. This first found egg (called in Dutch: “eerste kievitsei”) is a symbol for the beginning of the springtime. So, still today although forbidden in the rest of Europe but allowed in Friesland on cultural historical grounds, people hunt for the first egg. 

The Gardener of Adin, not aware of this yearly contest, stumbled upon a nest full of eggs when weeding the Garden of Adin, becoming the unintentional winner of this folkloric event.

Shining and glittering in the candlelight

The Adin Museum Of Fairy Tale Artifacts proudly presents:



Antique rose cut diamond jewelry by Adin, antique jewelry,  Antwerp


Shining and glittering in the candlelight

Once upon a time… a long long time ago, soirées (French for… “soirees”) were illuminated by romantic glimmering candlelight, smelly oil lamps and asphyxiating smothering torches. And all the people were happy (deep sigh) and their pieces of jewelry set with rose cut diamonds were shining and sparkling as beautiful as can be… 

To many antique jewelry experts, this is the reason why goldsmiths of those days used rose cut diamonds; so the jewels would sparkle better in the candle light. To prove this, the Adin Museum of Fairy Tale Artifacts is showcasing some of their rose cut diamond jewelry in a candlelight environment. There remains the question that in what other than the light of candles, oil lamps and torches rose cut diamonds had to sparkle, since there wasn’t any electricity yet.

The winking portrait brooch

The Adin Museum Of Fairy Tale Artifacts proudly presents:

Georgian Miniature Brooch

The winking portrait brooch”

Once upon a time… there was a princess who couldn’t stop winking. The best doctors in the land were consulted but nobody could cure the princess. Then it was ordained that the man who could cure the princess would marry her. Needless to say, this attracted hundreds and hundreds of fortune seekers but no one could help the winking princess. 

Till one day a poor painter came in. He told the king he could trap the wink in a painting. The king, not knowing what else to do decided to let the painter have his way. The painter did as he promissed, then married the princess and they lived on happily ever after.

It is only recently that Adin Museum of Fairy Tale Artifacts discovered this painting in a brooch. When watching really closely you might still see her wink. Chief conservator of the Museum, Mr. Elkan Wijnberg told us that strangely enough once out of the museum the brooch stops winking.

The brooch might still be available for purchase in the museum for a fairy price.