Luxury 1920’s Jewelry – The Great Gatsby Style – Why not the real?

Great Gatsby Style

Luxury 1920’s Jewelry – The Great Gatsby Style – Why not the real?


The fashion inspired by “The Great Gatsby” promises to be the Spring Trend. The movie will be presented at the opening of the next Cannes Film Festival. The opportunity to fall in love with aestheticism and glamour found in sets, cars, outfits, jewelry and lavish parties given by Gatsby.

Luxury is also found on each character. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are displayed in perfect black and white, some signed Brooks Brothers. Suspenders and slicked-back hair, impossible not to fall for these gentlemen from another time. The actresses are not to be outdone, the British Carey Mulligan highlights each stage a new set of jewelery. Between precious stones and pearls, it makes us want to run in the first jeweler to buy identical jewels.

Precious witnesses of that era, the Art Deco jewelry transmitted by our grandparents provide to true lovers: original work, atypical shapes, amazing colors and extraordinary creativity.