Micromosaic Butterfly and Ladybug seen together

Victorian micromosaic pendant with compartment in the back from the antique jewelry collection of Adin Antique Jewelry, Antwerp, Belgium(Click the picture to get to this beautiful micromosaic pendant)

Micromosaic is made from many small adjacent pieces (tesserae) of inlaid varicoloured glass or stone arranged to form a picture or design. For articles of jewelry, the mosaic was usually made in the form of medallions set in brooches, pendants, necklaces, finger rings, ear-rings, parures, etc.

Such work has been done principally in Italy, some being executed with skill and artistry in the 19th century, but many pieces being made in recent years as tourist souvenirs, with large tesserae of stone or glass that are roughly set, and sometimes with some painted portions. Pieces of good quality were mounted in gold frames, including some made by the Casa Castellani in Rome. The fashion for mosaic jewelry in England was mainly in the period 1820-60.

Mosaic work in jewelry was of two types:

  • Roman or Byzantine mosaic, with the tesserae made of glass, set into molten glass, and fused together
  • Florentine mosaic. (Venetian mosaic) made of slices of coloured glass canes, usually making a millefiori pattern, was seldom used for pieces of jewelry.

In both types the decorative motifs were often pictorial views of ancient ruins or famous buildings, and in the 1820s Egyptian motifs, but by the mid-l9th century the usual subjects had become more sentimental, e.g. flowers and pet dogs. The Florentine mosaic was imitated in Derbyshire, England, in the late 18th to early 19 century, by using local black marble and feldspar.

Recipes d’Amour with vitamins

Recipes d'Amour with vitamin

Orange Paprika Summer Soup

1 kilo orange paprika’s
½ kilo carrots
little bulb fresh ginger
one onion
poultry stock

For decoration:
sour cream
fresh chervil
as many antique rings as you wish

process the paprika, carrots and ginger through a juice extractor
cut up the onion and fry in olive oil
add the juice and stock
(no need to add water)
boil for a bit
spice up with salt, pepper and a pinch of cayenne pepper

hot or cold with sour cream and chervil on top and antique ring(s) aside.

Preparation time: ca. 45 min
Grade of difficulty: easy
Calories per portion: probably

Recipes d’Amour using fresh fruits from the Garden of Adin

Recipes d’Amour using fresh fruits from the Garden of Adin

European Engagement Ring Victorian Style

Late Victorian diamond engagement ring with two one carat stones and orient pearl

Red Currant Cheesecake

For the Filling:
8 small jam filled Swiss rolls, cut into thick slices
1800 g mascarpone
16 tbsp red currant jelly, melted
900 g caster sugar
16 medium eggs, separated
1200 ml whipping cream
120 g powdered gelatine
24 tbsp water
920 g red currants, washed

For the topping:
1200 ml whipping cream

For Decoration:
400 g red currants, washed
1 antique ring

Arrange the roll slices in the bottom of a greased springform, making sure that they completely cover the bottom.
Soften the cheese in a large mixing bowl. Beat in the red currant jelly, half of the sugar, the egg yolks and cream.
Combine gelatine and water in a small saucepan and stir until the gelatine has dissolved and then beat the gelatine into the cheese mixture. Remove from heat and leave to set.
Whisk the egg whites until stiff, then whisk in the remaining sugar. Fold into the cheese mixture and add the currants. Toss to combine and then spoon the mixture into the prepared springform. Chill for 3 hours.

Whip the cream until stiff and pipe or swirl on top of the cheesecake.

Decorate with red currants and finish with pictured ring. Succes guaranteed!

Preparation time: ca. 45 min
Grade of difficulty: easy
Calories per portion: don’t ask

Garden of Adin’s pollen count forecast

Estate gold pendant from the fifties signed Miault made in France
(this is a non-edited true picture)
Pollen count begins to rise and the eyes will have it.

The quantity of pollen grains in the air of the Garden of Adin will be on the increase in the higher range. The cause for the rising pollen levels is unclear but an increase of this magnitude could make it more difficult for those with allergies to extreme nice estate jewelry.

Blooming beauties in the Garden of Adin

Platinum Pendant in Edwardian Style with Genuine European Diamonds

Platinum Pendant in Edwardian Style with Genuine European Diamonds

Once upon a time,
in the Garden of Adin,
there was a flower so sublime,
shining with diamonds,
truly the Garderner’s prime.

Proudly he acclaimed:
“This beauty can’t stay unnamed!”
So he called it “Adin’s beauty”, unashamed.

Original early Georg Jensen Jewelry

Pendant signed Georg Jensen

Pendant signed Georg Jensen

design Nº 54

Since Georg Jensen (1866-1935) founded his silversmith workshop in 1904, jewellery from the workshop has adhered to his motto: “Do not follow fashion, but be guided by the present if you want to stay young in the struggle”. Ever since then, Georg Jensen’s jewellery has reflected the period in which it was created. Just as the last century was distinguished by different periods, Georg Jensen’s jewellery represents the different styles that appeared over the years.

Brooch silver Georg Jensen

Brooch silver Georg Jensen

design no.100B

Keepsakes, hidden spaces or poison

Gold Victorian ring set with garnet and with hidden space that can  be closed Silver gilded bohemian garnets bangle with hidden place Gold Victorian belt ring with hidden space

Take these pieces of antique jewelry, nothing special you would say. And we would be the first to agree. But they do have something special, they are so called poison rings and bangle. Jewelry like this (mostly rings) have been used throughout history to carry perfume, locks of hair, devotional relics, messages and other keepsakes and even in a very rare occasion, poison.

It is thought that this type of jewelry originated in ancient days of the Far East and India where it replaced the practice of wearing keepsakes, talismans and other items in pouches around the neck. The wearing of these poison rings was so practical that it spread to other parts of Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean before reaching Western Europe in the Middle Ages. By then the rings were also part of the “holy relic trade.”

Gold Victorian ring set with garnet and with hidden space that can  be closed Silver gilded bohemian garnets bangle with hidden place Gold Victorian belt ring with hidden space