Don’t sit under the Christmas tree with anything else but me!

Magnificent Two Tone Gold Victorian Locket With Rose Cut Diamond Star Motif

It could be well possible that this locket was made to celebrate the passage of Halley’s comet. The passage of Halley inspired jewellers to make jewels in the shape of celestial bodies. This comet appears every 76 years. In 1705 Edmond Halley predicted, using Newton’s newly formulated laws of motion, that the comet seen in 1531, 1607, and 1682 would return in 1758 (which was, alas, after his death). The comet did indeed return as redicted and was later named in his honor.

Or the maker of this beauty was just into stars…. who will tell after so many years?

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It was a moonlit night…

Once upon a moonlit night
Two hearts blended
Love surrendered
With embracing arms

(borrowed from a song by Frank Sinatra)

In Antiquity, as well as in the Middle Ages people believed that the cosmos is reflected in gemstones. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist traditions mingled with Pagan legends led to the association of certain precious stones with different days, months, astrological signs, Tribes of Israel and Apostles but also with healing powers for social, physiological, metaphysical and even medical conditions. 

The moonstone is assigned to the planets Neptune and Venus. The combination of moonstone with Venus is interesting as still today it’s considered to be a woman’s stone. The moonstone is the birthstone or month stone for June. Moonstone should protect travellers, especially from danger by sea, reconciles lovers, brings good fortune, inner growth and strength. (Not that we necessarily promote or believe such claims, but we think they make for interesting conversation.)

In semi-precious stones there are gems and gems but this cabochon cut moonstone is the gem of gems. This top quality fine blue moonstone shows an incredible “three-dimensional” depth of color, which one will see clearly only when playfully tilting the stone and moving it. Transparant with a violet hue when playing with it in the light. Blue moonstones in fine qualities are becoming increasingly short in supply and push up the prices accordingly and to find one in this size is even more rare. Executed in platinum with six old mine brilliant cut diamonds in line pointing towards the moonstone, this jewel is an example how frugal and yet beautiful Art Deco can be.