Antwerp – The Diamond City

Since the middle ages, this elegant Lady City built a strong reputation in the diamond trade giving birth to famous jewelers and fashion designers. Through generations, couples with taste turn to Antwerp to purchase fine pieces of jewelry. And also in a habit that passed on from mother to daughter, people come to the Antwerp experts to sell their jewelry. Many of these pieces find their way back in the stunning collection of antique and estate jewelry, a source of incredible and …

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Pure Art Nouveau

Pure Art Nouveau Pendant Signed by French Artist E.Dropsy

Pure Art Nouveau Pendant Signed by French Artist E.Dropsy

The name Art Nouveau most of us know but depending on the country the style has some different names. In Germany it was called “Jugendstil“, after a magazine called Die Jugend (The Youth), in Holland “Slaoliestijl” (salad oil style) after an advertising for salad oil and in Italy “Floreale” or “Stile Liberty” (after the London store that featured it).

One of the joys of our métier is that every now and then we stumble upon a piece of absolute beauty. As was the case this week when the depicted Art Nouveau pendant was being offered to us. It’s a sort of locket except there is no place for pictures because the original mirrors are still inside. Pure Art Nouveau, made in France, bigger then it appears on the picture (height 6.10 cm or 2.40 inch), fully signed E.Dropsy and of a quality that we hardly see. Look and enjoy!

Don’t sit under the Christmas tree with anything else but me!

Magnificent Two Tone Gold Victorian Locket With Rose Cut Diamond Star Motif

It could be well possible that this locket was made to celebrate the passage of Halley’s comet. The passage of Halley inspired jewellers to make jewels in the shape of celestial bodies. This comet appears every 76 years. In 1705 Edmond Halley predicted, using Newton’s newly formulated laws of motion, that the comet seen in 1531, 1607, and 1682 would return in 1758 (which was, alas, after his death). The comet did indeed return as redicted and was later named in his honor.

Or the maker of this beauty was just into stars…. who will tell after so many years?

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