Fine estate bejeweled parrot heart brooch brilliant cut diamonds ruby

It doesn’t always have to be a turkey!
Ever thought of a parrot?


Fine estate bejeweled parrot heart brooch brilliant cut diamonds ruby


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Parrots have featured in human writings, story, art, humor, religion and music for thousands of years. From the Roman poet Ovid’s “The Dead Parrot” to Monty Python’s Dead Parrot Sketch millennia later, parrots have existed in the consciousness of many cultures and have also been a source of inspiration for goldsmiths and jewelers all over the world. And although not hallmarked but just by the quality of the craftsmanship we believe this bejeweled birdie to be made by (or for) one of the better Haute Joaillerie Houses (high class jewelers) in France or Belgium.

Estate style

Estate jewelry (also called vintage jewelry) is a term used for previously owned jewelry and for pieces of jewelry made in earlier (style-)periods and not necessarily pre-worn. It is not a dequalifying designation as many pieces of estate jewelry typically feature fine workmanship and high quality stones, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces. To be called “antique”, a piece must be more than 100 years old. Estate jewelry includes many decades or eras. Each era has many different designs. These eras include Georgian, Early Victorian, Mid-Victorian, Late Victorian, Arts and Crafts era, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro.

The word “jewelry” (American spelling) or “jewellery” (British spelling) is a derivation of the word “jewel”, which was anglicised from the Old French “jouel” some 800 years ago, in around the 13th century. The word “jouel” itself comes from the Latin word “jocale”, meaning “plaything”. Jewelry can be made out of almost every known material with the purpose to adorn nearly every part of the body.

The word “estate” comes from the Anglo-French “astat” or Old French “estat” which come from the Latin “status” meaning: “state or condition”. The oldest sense (circa 1200) is “rank, standing, condition” while the sense “property” is from circa 1400 and changed over the ages from “worldly prosperity” as specific application to “landed property” (usually of large extent). Its first known record in American English dates back to 1623. The meaning “collective assets of a dead person or debtor” is from around 1830. Nowadays with the prefix “estate” we mean all of the valuable things an individual owns, such as real estate, art collections, collectibles, antiques, jewelry, investments, and life insurance.

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Platinum Estate Cocktail Ring Art Deco Inspired : Diamonds, Sapphires & Emeralds


Platinum Estate Cocktail Ring Art Deco Inspired : Diamonds, Sapphires & Emeralds

Platinum Estate Cocktail Ring Art Deco Inspired : Diamonds, Sapphires & Emeralds

This magnificent ring showcases the fine art of European jeweler work. A flower of sparkling precious stones rests on a platinum band with elegant and simple lines. This jewel would be a fantastic cocktail ring or engagement ring, very special ! Although recently made, Circa 1980s, the artist making this ring was clearly inspired by the Art Deco style.

• Diamonds: One modern brilliant cut diamond .67 Carats (color approx. J/K, clarity approx. si) and 34 modern brilliant cut diamonds .70 Carats.

• Total diamond weight: 1.40 Carats.

• Sapphires : 12 calibrated square cut sapphires

• Emeralds : six pear shaped cabochon cut emeralds

• Hallmarks: 950 indicating a platinum alloy of 95%

The condition of this ring is excellent : no trace of wear, looks hardly worn. Delivered with its authenticity certificate. The ring weighs 6.20 Grams and the finger US size is 7¼ (It is our pleasure to resize the ring for you at our expense).

… je te donne cette fleur précieuse …