Genuine Antiques Adin

The house Adin is a company specializing in antique French jewelry from the 19th century. We are professional jewelers buying unique antique and vintage jewelry straight from the public in France.

Antiques come in mostly by way of our high-street buying shop. Most of the sellers are private individuals and jewelers who work as middleman between their customers and Adin. Most of the jewels offered to us will never see the inside of our shop, as only the very best are selected for sale. The rest are passed on to our precious metals department to be processed through the appropriate channels. This assures that the jewelry we sell as antique are only those that our experts consider to be fine examples of their type.

The diamonds are set in silver, gold and platinum for stunning engagement rings. The gemstones are fine, cut, intense and colorful. The cameos, coral, pearls and precious stones are showcased adorn earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Romantic brooches, carved lockets and pendants are inspired by a refined mother of nature, antiquity, mythology and love. Our collection contains some prestigious names of masters and famous artists such as Fouquet, Wolfers, Jensen, Bapst, Fabergé, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. guarantee expertise of the best workshops of the world.

Our online catalog of jewelry is a perfect example of the fineness, the subtlety, the romance and the techniques used by French master jewelers. Stroll through Era’s of elegance : Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Déco. We strive to present you pieces of jewelry with multiple expressions in agreement with current fashion in constant search of inspiration. These jewels were for their past owners a source of sentimentality, weapons of seduction, attributes of power, cultural heritages, ornamental beauty or objects carrying symbolism.

Adin’ members are truly passionated by French jewelry and all come from prestigious European schools of master goldsmiths and diamond setters. We work hard to maintain the long French tradition of expertise and our reputation as experts in the field. We regularly sell to valued customers, private collectors, museums or movies such as Da Vinci Code. We participate in jewelry conferences in the United States and Europe and quoted in international magazines, including TIME and ADL.

Buying unique antique jewelry online with Adin is not only “convenient” but perhaps as most important, we offer you a pleasant experience with professional client services.

Genuine Antiques Adin

Genuine Antiques Adin


Sparkling Precious Stones Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

Sparkling Precious Stones Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

Sparkling Precious Stones Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

One Absolutely Beautiful Ladies Diamond & Peridot Engagement Ring ! This Stunning Art Deco style Ring, circa 1930, contains one spectacular Emerald-Cut Genuine Green Peridot with a weight of 5.50 Carats, measuring an impressive 12 x 9.7mm. Strong Intense Shades of Bright Green, that exhibit Great Brilliance and Wonderful Sparkle. Elegant row contains 14 old mine brilliant cut diamonds totaling 1.40 Carats. The Platinum Mounting is Solid, Heavy, extremely Well Made and comfortable to wear. The overall condition is excellent. Ring weight is 8.7 Grams! The top of ring measures 18 x 16mm. Ring size Continental: 54 & 17¼ , Size US: 6¾ , Size UK: N. Free resizing.

If you love Peridot, you’ll love this ring !

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Pristine Antique French Empire Needle Original Case : Acanthus Leaves & Wreaths

French Empire Needle Original Case

French Empire Needle Original Case

Absolute incredible, the quality of this needle case that still has its original needle. The needle has a little spoon at the end that was used either as ear spoon or snuff spoon. The needle is nicely cut ajour (open work) showing a flower hidden in the little framework of the needle. On the outside of the needle case there is a fencing of wreaths that are executed in green and red gold on a background of yellow gold. The both ends of the needle case are skilfully elaborated with acanthus leaves showing us the influence of the classical style that was so much in fashion in France in the beginning of the 19th Century.

Antique Flowery Round Pendant : Genuine Rose Diamonds & Morning Dew


Gorgeous Antique Flowery Round Pendant : Genuine Rose Diamonds &  Morning Dew

Gorgeous Antique Flowery Round Pendant : Genuine Rose Diamonds & Morning Dew


Gorgeous antique round pendant covered with diamonds with delicate floral and curly motifs. A diamonds flower holds in its center a natural red ruby showcased by genuine diamonds in motion. Sensation of coolness emanates from this piece of jewelry : in the background, a stylized spider web is covered with diamonds and gives the effect of a morning dew and drops of water.

We see one old mine brilliant cut diamond with an estimated weight of .10 Carats and 57 rose cut diamonds. We do not have the weight of the diamonds which is normal in our trade when it comes to rose cuts. From our expert, this pendant was made around 1870s with silver on top and backed with 18 high Carat rose gold. This is a typical Victorian jewelry.

Although it carries a typical French control mark representing an owl, we cannot be sure it is actually French as the owl was also used for items in finished condition that were brought to be examined by the French Assay office (the eagle’s head was used for items brought in unfinished).

The diameter measures 27.5 mm (1.08 inch) and weighs 8.90 grams. From our expertise, the antique condition is excellent which means we cannot see any trace of wear even when looking very close.

Delivered with its authenticity certificate.

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Antique Navette Shaped Ring : Victorian Snakes & Genuine Diamonds

Antique Snakes Ring

Antique Snakes Ring

Through Victorian era, people wanted to express their feelings through strong and powerful symbols. This ring is a typical example of this period : the snake, as a symbol of fidelity. Four intertwined stylized snakes or serpents enclose elegantly a shaped navette showcasing 9 red natural rubies, 4 genuine rose cut diamonds set in curvy lines.

A lot can be said about snakes and serpents. They have been worshipped since the Dark Ages and are a powerful religious symbol with many different meanings, like death and resurrection, while they have also been associated with healing and rivergods and also denote fertility, wisdom and the ability to cure.

The ring is entirely made of 18 high Carat yellow gold and a hallmark is visible in the inside band “18” indicating 18K gold. It weighs 3.70 grams. The lenght of the top measures 23.8 mm (0.94 inch). The US finger size is 10 and we are happy to resize it for free.

From our expert, this ring is dated around 1900 and the antique condition is excellent, there are no trace of wear nor defects even looking closely.