Sparkling Precious Stones Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

Sparkling Precious Stones Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

Sparkling Precious Stones Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

One Absolutely Beautiful Ladies Diamond & Peridot Engagement Ring ! This Stunning Art Deco style Ring, circa 1930, contains one spectacular Emerald-Cut Genuine Green Peridot with a weight of 5.50 Carats, measuring an impressive 12 x 9.7mm. Strong Intense Shades of Bright Green, that exhibit Great Brilliance and Wonderful Sparkle. Elegant row contains 14 old mine brilliant cut diamonds totaling 1.40 Carats. The Platinum Mounting is Solid, Heavy, extremely Well Made and comfortable to wear. The overall condition is excellent. Ring weight is 8.7 Grams! The top of ring measures 18 x 16mm. Ring size Continental: 54 & 17¼ , Size US: 6¾ , Size UK: N. Free resizing.

If you love Peridot, you’ll love this ring !

… une bague de bon goût …


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A gem variety of olivine that is golden-green, but also shades ranging from dark leek-green to yellowish-green. It has been confused with green corundum, emerald, and chrysoberyl. The stones are usually faceted, but some are polished by Tumbling or mounted in their natural rough form.

Some examples are chatoyant. A stone of brownish color, formerly called ‘brown peridot’, has since 1952 been recognized as a different mineral, sinhalite. In Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) water-worn fragments of bottle-glass have been sometimes deceptively sold as peridot.

The name ‘peridot’ is generally pronounced like the French form péridot; an alternative spelling ‘peridote’ is incorrect.

The original source in antiquity was the Egyptian island of St John’s (now Zabargad) in the Red Sea.