An “expert” opinion on sapphires

Victorian ring sapphire diamond


Recently we found an antique book on gemstones written by what we consider to be an “expert”. We just would like to share with you some of his revealing insights. On sapphires he writes:
“When a man is imposing his love on a woman, and he is obnoxious to her, thus she should pour wine over a sapphire three times and give him this to drink, with or without his will while pronouncing the following Latin adage: “Ego vinum hoc ardentibus viribus super te fundo, sicut Deus splendarem tuum, praevaricante angelo, astra xit ut ita amorem libidinis ardentis viri huius de mesabstrahas.”
This translates freely to: ”This wine with burning powers I thee pour, as God extinguishes the sparkling halo of the fallen angel. Likewise, it will extinguish the burning lust of this man for me”.
Perhaps important to mention is that we do NOT endorse this information. We rather suggest that any man who is in love with a woman, would offer the woman of his dreams an antique sapphire ring and then have a few glasses of wine together.
Some more revealing insights on other gemstones from our new found “expert” will follow soon.

Zina S Sparling Jewellery

Zina S Sparling Jewellery

Zina Sparling

Jewellery designed and created by Zina S Sparling featuring semi-precious stones.

I have always been fascinated by colours, textures, semi-precious and precious stones, gold and the history of jewellery. That fascination deeply inspires my work and constantly motivates me to create pieces that are a fusion of the ancient and the contemporary – a luxurious, feminine and very unique style of jewellery that is instantly noticed. My love for beauty and creating first began when I was a student of classical music. In fact, there is a very close thread that links music and fine jewellery. Both have an instant appeal. Semi-precious and precious stones in their half-polished form exude a visual power that is bold, sophisticated and elegant… like an oboe in an orchestra. My jewellery is a fine mix of Art Deco, ancient Rome, Egypt, light, organic and natural forms fused with intricate gold chains, quirky contemporary magnetic clasps, unusual compositions.

Every creation of mine is made with love and enthusiasm. I wear it all the time – I love it and cherish it. I am sure you will love it too.

Tudor Carnelian Ring

Tudor Carnelian Ring


Organic shaped, bold in design and inspired by pivotal historical eras these rings will certainly attract attention. Finest 24ct gold plated hammered rings with pure 14ct rolled gold details featuring semi-precious and precious stones. Expandable base.
Please note that each piece of jewellery is individually hand made and the stones may slightly differ in shape.

Black Amour necklace

Black Amour necklace


Bold and statement making. Inspired by Schiaparelli, Art Deco, Roman decadence…The stones catch and reflect the light beautifully… like a dance.Some stones may slightly differ in colour and shape due to their organic nature.

Decadence Bracelet

Decadence Bracelet


Please note that all the pieces are individually hand made. Some stones may differ very slightly from the ones in the photo.

This is due to the organic and unspoiled texture of the stones. No stone is repeated – they are all slightly different…like us.