Fine estate bejeweled parrot heart brooch brilliant cut diamonds ruby

It doesn’t always have to be a turkey!
Ever thought of a parrot?


Fine estate bejeweled parrot heart brooch brilliant cut diamonds ruby


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Parrots have featured in human writings, story, art, humor, religion and music for thousands of years. From the Roman poet Ovid’s “The Dead Parrot” to Monty Python’s Dead Parrot Sketch millennia later, parrots have existed in the consciousness of many cultures and have also been a source of inspiration for goldsmiths and jewelers all over the world. And although not hallmarked but just by the quality of the craftsmanship we believe this bejeweled birdie to be made by (or for) one of the better Haute Joaillerie Houses (high class jewelers) in France or Belgium.


– R –

A precious stone that is a red variety of a transparent corundum. The colour ranges from pink to deep red; the pigeon’s-blood ruby is deep red tinged with purple. Flawless specimens showing the most desirable colours are rare; the varieties of shades are due to the presence of a small quantity of oxide of chromium. Some rubies show asterism. Rubies may be cut as brilliants, but more often are mixed cut; sometimes they are cut and strung as beads.

They are occasionally termed ‘true ruby’, ‘red corundum’, or ‘Oriental ruby’. The principal sources are the Mogok district of Upper Burma for deep-red rubies, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) for light red, and Thailan (formerly Siam) for dark brownish-red. The best rubies are more costly than diamonds of the same size, and are exceeded in value only by the emerald. Rubies contain some tiny irregular inclusions; synthetic rubies have bubbles that are perfectly rounded instead of being natural crystal shapes, and can be further identified by having striae in straight rather than curved lines. Among the famous true rubies are Anne of Brittany’s Ruby; De Long Star Ruby; Edwardes Ruby; Peace Ruby; Rosser Reeves Star Ruby. Some well-known so-called rubies (known as a Balas ruby or ruby spinel) are in fact red spinel.

Flowers are love’s truest language

Magnificent Art Deco engagement ring with rubies and diamonds

Magnificent Art Deco engagement ring with rubies and diamonds

(But sometimes even the truth needs a little help)

Flowers are part of our daily life. For virtually every event we have assigned a special flower. Flowers for love, church, church graveyard, marriage, etc. In the 16th century inn’s use to have a branch or flower stalk as signboard which later often changed only into the name of a specific tree or flower. Many times one finds flower gardens in mythological sceneries. The allegoric use of flowers is uncountable: attributes for the springtime, the youth, the sunrise, the rhetoric, the virtue etc. Lots of countries carry a flower as national symbol: Hungary had the tulip and Scotland the thistle, etc.

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